Innovation, mastery and elegance, these 3 principals have represented the tireless pioneering spirit of the founder Carl Franz Bally since 1851 – constantly instilling these values into his unique Swiss brand with its cutting-edge technology and excellent craftsmanship. Bally was founded over 160 years ago, producing leather that is not only of high-quality natural raw material, but also a medium of creation and a source of inspiration for its artists. The round holes on the leather shoes, the soft texture of the leather handbag, the classic silhouette of the men's jacket, and the elegant lines of the heel are a testimony of Bally's pursuit of perfection. Bally has developed an excellent culture based on professionalism that incorporates integrity, and to approcah each collection creatively. Bally has now become a global leader in Swiss luxury footwear and accessories in today’s world.

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Welcome to BALLY:


Four Seasons Hotel

Shop2820, the Shoppes at Four Seasons, Estrada Da Baia De N. Senhora Da Esperanca, S/N, Taipa, Macau

Tel: (+853) 28999915